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    I’m a creative technologist at
    metaLAB & I’m currently finishing up a
    library degree. I like making things
    out of code, cardboard, paper, wood,
    or whatever else is around. I currently
    spend most of my time exploring
    north berkshire county, where I live as of
    september 2018. [+++]



Blueprint Website


With Krystelle Denis, Jeffrey Schnapp, metaLAB (at) Harvard
# code

The Blueprint website was created to accompany Inventory Press’s expanded reprint of Blueprint for Counter Education (originally published in 1970). The website leverages high-resolution scans of the original “blueprints” that formed the basis of the publication, allowing users to navigate three overlayed tiled maps, adjusting opacity to move backwards and forwards through the creation process.

I developed the site, with particular focus on generating the tiled maps and creating a user workflow around them.

Video by Cris Magliozzi