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    I like making things
    out of code, cardboard, paper, ink,
    wood, or whatever else is around.
    I currently spend most of my time
    around the northern berkshires / 
    southern vt.



selected work:
digital archives
teaching & facilitation
interactive installations
useful drawings

just the facts:
I am: a creative technologist at metaLAB; a designer & coder; a recent library and information science grad; outside as much as possible.

I live in western mass and like to draw. Recently, I’ve been exploring using comics and other graphics to communicate complex ideas in a straightforward and accessible way (ex). If this is something that might be relevant to you, please get in touch!

I make a lot of digital things, but I’m mostly interested when they complement rather than replace physical spaces and experiences. I aspire to make comfortable spaces, simple and effective systems, and tools from everyday materials.